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SGHI-TECH is a company specialized in custom software development, web design, Internet/Intranet applications, mobile applications, Hardwere and Networking and consulting services. In short period of 6 months, we've provided inspirational solutions to some challenging projects. Working across all aspects of buildings, infrastructure and consulting, our commitment to quality, technical excellence and innovation has made us a success in delivering an enviable and exciting array of major national and international projects. The company has potential and experience in development of complex solutions for its customers - implementation of concepts for data security, corporate and virtual private networks, databases and software development. We create modern software products for business management, based on Client/Server and Internet/Intranet technology solutions in accordance with the leading world standards in the field of IT. We develop websites consistent with the demands of our clients with advertisement exposure, aimed at marketing or containing database. We provide planning, professional development and management of web sites plus hosting, promotion, updating and support. Our Companies Clients are from Latur, Pune .

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